About LOCAL, the app which help word press developers to work locally, on their PC’s and sync their work with cloud/sharing safotware (Google Drive, Dropbox) or push to Flywheel or WP Engine, their managed WordPress hosting services.

Their official website is: https://localwp.com/ and there you can find more useful informations.

I use this software but not too often, because for my case is not suitable, usually I work from various places in the city and I prefere to keep the work on internet and being able to edit from any location. But for some of people can help such software, that’s why I mention it on my blog.

For those who don’t want to struggle with difficult, time-consuming local development enviroment setup, cand be a good chance to win some time. Theoretically. Because in fact even with such software which aim to be quick & easy, still you can face issues and then you need to ask for support, eventually from the community here: https://community.localwp.com/

I also faced some issues, even from the begining of using the software, like “No input file specified” or “Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library php_imagick.dll”. Probably because I am on Windows and insist to use Apache as server instead Nginx, probably because I always want to have my C:\ drive clean and install almost everything on D:\ drive

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